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You can browse images until you find what you are looking for or search by keywords. All images in this gallery are tagged with specific keywords that describe each image. All you have to do is type in simple keywords and it will bring up all images with those words.

Example: Looking for a sunset? How about a sunset at the beach? and in Virginia? Go to the search box and type in:
sunset, river, virginia and hit enter!

See each individual photo for details.

Photos - Cropping and Customization
Images, although presented at a certain size on the screen, may be re-sized and cropped to suit your needs. Pay attention when cropping and customizing so that your desired output size is correct and that all parts of the image will be printed.

The customize feature allows you to play around with the cropping, whether you want just print it as you see it in your selected print size or easily crop it how to you want it to be printed.

Some images are better suited to certain crop sizes than others, but you can certainly crop them any way you like. Cropping a wide image down with to only include a certain area is a great way to clip out any unwanted areas or place more emphasis on a subject in the image, but on the other hand, that can also leave out possibly important elements in the image.

Using the zoom in and out feature is a good way to include the entire image in your selected size, but keep in mind as to what will and will not be printed. If you zoom out far enough, what appears white in the box will actually be white on the print.

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Blackwater Canyon 2013The WillowLittle Orleans SunriseThinking of forgettingFollow MeArrivalLearning to crawlThat Old BarnShadows from AbovePuddle of LifeBroad ExpressionsFalling into meWest Virginia Angel BlanketAlong the wayEscape the disorderDolly CriesThe Road HomeThis is West VirginiaLifting SpiritsBeyond the ties that bind